The Data Center

Our private data centers are located within a discrete facility and are not accessible from the outside.


Our building is manned by physical security 24 x 7, along with video surveillance, key card access and many other important features. You can rest assured that our security measures ensure maximum protection of your data. Human intervention prevents attempts to breach systems, biometrics prevent social engineering.


The facility is SAS-70 audited, allowing for HIPAA or SOX compliancy.

Redundant Generation and UPS Systems

Our completely redundant facilities allow us to provide continuous and uninterrupted service to our customers. Some of the key areas of redundancy in our facilities are:
Power - We have both batteries and generators that power our facilities should anything happen. Our generators will run our facilities for approximately 7-14 days before converting to our batteries for further power, if necessary. Our generators are also equipped with advanced software for items such as lightning detection. The batteries have the capacity to provide power and run the data center for over 24 hours.
Connectivity - There are multiple points of connectivity to the internet through separate facilities. Our private data centers are connected via a privately owned fiber optic network.
Other Redundancies - We also have complete redundancy in important areas like raid disk technology, switches and firewalls.

Other Safeguards

·Advanced fire detection and suppression systems.
·Ceiling and Portable Halatron Dry Chemical Units.
·Facility is manned 24X7 and all personnel undergo background screening.
·Access to the data center is only provided by carded and fingerprint examination and physical sign in with the data center supervisor.

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