How It Works

In today's digital world, you can't afford to lose your most valuable asset "your data" and crucial business information stored on the hard drives of your company's computers.

eTegrity automatically and securely backs up all your data - data that resides on every machine on your LAN, if required. And it backs it up directly to the offsite storage vault in a secure data center, requiring no daily user interaction. eTegrity's data backup and recovery services are automated and centrally managed to help you protect your critical data. With eTegrity, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is fully disaster recovery ready.

The Client

The Client is the software that automates and simplifies the backup process as much as possible. Unlike many other backup providers, eTegrity uses an appliance approach. The DS-Client is installed on an appliance that is provided by and maintained by eTegrity and located at the customer's location. This approach also allows for up to 30 generations of local backups. The software will decide for you if it is faster to restore locally, from the appliance, or via the internet.

With eTegrity, you can back up as often as you choose. Incremental backups, down to the block file level, significantly reduce the amount of data transmitted. The DS-Client further reduces data transmission by eliminating common files across your entire LAN. Your data is compressed and then encrypted before it leaves your system and it is stored offsite in encrypted format. You can restore a single file with just a few mouse clicks!

In order to secure customer information that is transferred to the DS-System, the DS-Client encrypts every file it sends to the DS-System with encryption keys provided by the customer. The files are stored and remain encrypted on DS-System storage at all times. The decryption process occurs during the restore operation on the DS-Client itself. This ensures that any information transferred and stored outside the customer location is always encrypted. Currently, the DS-Client uses either the DES encryption algorithm (56-bit encryption key), or AES encryption algorithm (128-bit, 192-bit, or 256-bit).

The Initial Seed/Backup

Depending on the amount of data you have to store and the size of your internet connection eTegrity can be seeded over the wire or by a seed drive delivered in in our waterproof, locked porta-vault case.. One of our engineers will work with you to simple connect the usb drive to your system and start the initial seed process. Once done we will send a pick up tag for the unit and do the initial backup locally to our vault and any future backups are only sending what has changed and in a compressed and secured state.

Mobile-Vault Service

In the event of an emergency, eTegrity can deliver a mobile vault to your location if you need large volumes of data restored in a short amount of time. Or for a full bare metal restore in the event of a disaster. Our waterproof vaults are locked with a combination that is only given to the receiving party.

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