The Technology

The eTegrity disk-to-disk (D2D) software solution offers a highly reliable, high-speed replacement for legacy tape-based remote site backup/recovery systems.

Designed with a focus on fast data recovery, the eTegrity Televaulting solution offers a unique agentless design, plus hard-coded security and WAN optimization techniques that differentiate it from competitive D2D backup consolidation software products.

Simple to set up and manage, the eTegrity solution offers bottom-line benefits that range from lower administrative costs to pay-as-you-grow as we only charge for what you store in a compressed state. Emphasizing data recoverability, the eTegrity Televaulting solution helps organizations with geographically distributed sites reduce business risk by ensuring dependable and ready access to critical office and laptop data.

With agentless technology designed to maximize data recoverability, eTegrity Televaulting software eliminates remote site backup and recovery pain points. Using this technology, IT departments can cost-effectively manage and improve RPOs (recovery point objective) and RTOs (recovery time objective) for remote sites.

Televaulting software offers:

Multiple recovery methods. . Televaulting software allows multiple recovery methods so that IT managers can satisfy the varying RPO/RTO requirements of different classifications of data, business needs or industry requirements. For example, the software enables local storage and recovery of designated file sets (maintained in a compressed format to conserve LAN storage capacity) so that critical data does not have to be retrieved across the wide area network (WAN). Instead, data can be restored at LAN speed for the fastest RTO. eTegrity's appliance approach allows for up to 30 generations of local backup. (Industry experts project that 90% of the time, the latest-generation copy will be what users need for data recovery.)

For older data or data that is important but not critical for day-to-day operations, Televaulting software enables recovery via the WAN. While many backup/recovery solutions require implementation of expensive, high-speed pipes between the central data center and remote offices, eTegrity Televaulting leverages techniques such as common file elimination across sites and delta block technology (for transmission of only new or changed blocks) to enable the effective use of existing links such as DSL.

eTegrity Televaulting software makes it possible to treat different data differently, matching recovery methods with varying RPO/RTO requirements.

Speed, efficiency and security advantages. In every recovery scenario, Televaulting software offers major advantages over tape-based recovery. IT managers can centrally manage data backup/recovery for a wide variety of remote site operating environments and devices, including the industry's most popular servers, desktops, and laptops. The simplicity and policy-customization functionality of the Televaulting system facilitates unattended and automatic processes to ensure consistent fulfillment of internal SLAs and other RPO/RTO targets.

eTegrity leverages the inherent advantages of disk-to-disk (D2D) technology for faster recovery of more data-unlike serial tape systems, the Televaulting D2D software offers simultaneous recovery of multiple files, databases, etc. And, because Televaulting software utilizes multiple data reduction and minimization techniques, there is less data to move, and time-to-recovery is faster. While many tape systems offer no encryption functionality at all, the eTegrity Televaulting software serves as an invisible shield across all remote site data. eTegrity utilizes up to 256 bits for encryption keys to guarantee extremely safe data transfer and storage. In contrast to many competitive D2D systems that require the setup of a virtual private network (VPN) or some other encryption technique for secure transmission between the central site and remote offices, and/or third-party products, eTegrity Televaulting software provides both in-flight and at-rest data protection.

Powerful tools to determine optimal RPOs/RTOs. IT managers need the ability to differentiate between five-day-old and five-year-old data and to implement correspondingly appropriate backup/recovery policies. Unfortunately, tape systems force equal treatment of all data. In contrast, eTegrity enables fine granularity in defining policies for various types of data.

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