White Papers

If you've spent any time looking at what's available in the way of back up solutions, you've discovered there's a wide variety of options. Tape ... disk-to-disk ... onsite ... offsite ... options that are varied enough to confuse even the most savvy technologist.

The following Whitepapers address two important considerations when it comes to choosing your backup solution. They are authored by Asigra, Inc. providers of the backup technology used by eTegrity.

The Agentless Backup/Recovery Architecture
This White paper describes how an agentless architecture improves remote site backup adn recovery processes to reduce costs, bolster security and simply scaling. It contrasts these benefits with the security risks, high licensing costs, administrative complexity and CPU/LAN overhead problems associated with agent-based backup / recover alternatives.

Remote Site Data Protection
It's All About the Recovery - Of course backing up remote site data is imperative. But when something actually goes wrong, IT managers know it's all about the recovery. This White paper reviews the challenges of protecting data and the risky shortcomings of tape-based systems geared more to data backup than recovery.

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