Why Choose eTegrity?

World Class Support

eTegrity's certified engineers provide dedicated technical support during normal business hours, 9 am - 5 pm EST. 24x7 on-call emergency support is also available via our emergency paging services.

Instant, Offsite Backup

The fully automated process backs up every machine you choose to protect, using your existing internet connection. Your data is securely stored offsite in encrypted format.

Data Security

Advanced security and authentication algorithms, including AES encryption, ensures the safety and confidentiality of your data at all times.

Local Copies Available for Quick Restores

Combined with offsite backup, this provides the best of both worlds - giving you the ability to restore files even if your internet connection is down.

The Most Reliable Technology Available Today

Remote online data backup eliminates tape and human error.

New Improved Pricing Structure

You pay for compressed data, and our unique storage algorithms ensure your fees are as low as possible. Also, there are no hardware based fees, no per-server or per-computer charges, and no charges for uncompressed data as with some other storage companies.

Broad OS & Database Support

eTegrity works with one of the most comprehensive lists of operating systems, e-mail systems and databases in the industry.

Easy Installation

Itís agentless, which means no software is needed at the desktop level. You can expand your network without worry over data being excluded from your backups.

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